Star Wars: The Clone Wars 6.03: “Fugitive” Review

On The Run

A Tele Review by Akash Singh


Fugitive continues the Order 66 storyline as the tension ratchets up and the story propels towards its inevitably tragic conclusion. The final pieces fall for Fives amidst a tense, propulsive episode that sees multiple escapes, an operation, and a neat twist to the entire Order 66 concept just kind of clarified in the previous two episodes.

The object of the episode so to speak would be the inhibitor chip. Nala Se accuses Fives of being responsible for Tup’s death as he removed the chip. She offers for the chip to be sent immediately to Chancellor Palpatine, but Shaak Ti overrules her and has the chips sent to the Jedi Council. Which in the end doesn’t really do anything as the chips were switched by Nala Se. Fives discovers this switcheroo, but not without some hilarious dialogue from AZ about them still being friends after their memories are erased and Fives is assigned to sanitation.

After Fives’ discovery of the chip swapping, he makes an escape plan to see exactly to what extent the whole conspiracy goes to. As Fives makes his plan, Nala Se and Lama Su have a telling conversation about how the Jedi’s compassion on the battlefield and off created creative diversity in the clones. The Jedi’s very philosophy was a threat to the inherent nature of the clones as the Kaminoans had designed them.

Fives’ escape plan isn’t to escape Kamino, although that would be a very understandable thing to do. AZ removes his own chip, analyzing it as a non-organic matter. But unlike Tup’s chip, Fives’ is clean, uncorrupted. Fives and AZ go through the young training centers for the clones, discovering that the chips were implanted within the embryos. Before they can escape again, they’re discovered by Shaak Ti and the clone troopers. Fives beseeches her to listen.

In spite of Fives’ escape plan, Shaak Ti listens to Five about the inhibitor chips, responding with a quiet and measured “It’s not a matter of belief, Fives. It’s simply the right thing to do.” In this entire arc, I’ve greatly appreciated Shaak Ti’s character throughout this arc. Her fierce fighting ability, her relentless support of doing the right thing, and her calm wisdom have made her into a very sharp, clever, and compelling character. Fugitive is another well-done episode in the sixth season of Clone Wars, and it has made me very excited for what the finale of this storyline will bring.



Title: Fugitive

Writer: Katie Lucas

Director: Danny Keller

Chronologically Episode #111

Image Courtesy: Star Wars OS


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