Star Wars: The Clone Wars 6.04: “Orders” Review

Should Not Always be Followed

A TV Review by Akash Singh


The final episode of the Order 66 arc ties the opening The Unknown for best episode yet of the season. It was a haunting, tense, heartbreaking end to Season 6’s opening storyline marred by one logical flaw that I can kind of buy. The voice acting is terrific throughout as it has been through this storyline and the animation as usual is brilliantly done. This storyline allows Clone Wars to show off its water animation skills one last time, but the true animation gold in Orders is at the very opening (more on that below). Let’s roll.

The opening shot is of the medical tower where Darth Vader is born in Revenge of the Sith and it is one of most gorgeously animated shots in the history of the show. It might as well be taken straight out of the film. It’s a somber mood, a somber setting, and it works. The tone for this final chapter is set perfectly. Chancellor Palpatine requests a private audience with Fives to talk the story out with him over everyone’s objections. Nothing good was going to come out of this and as the door closes, the torture begins. Fives fights back and escapes as Palpatine accuses Fives of assaulting him. Surely it was the loss of the inhibitor chip that had caused his condition to worsen. Shaak Ti immediately pursues Fives, requesting him to stop. There’s a great staircase sequences as she screws the stairs and uses the Force to get right down to the bottom. As Fives escapes into the night, Rex and Anakin pursue him on their own.

Fives escapes into a taxi with the most obnoxious driver in recent memory, hopping off at a clone bar. There’s great clone camaraderie in the club sequence, evocative of military relationships seen so effectively on screen in properties such as Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan. But it will touch people with real-life connections to the military the most. Fives, still in somewhat of a panic mode understandably, runs into his old medic buddy Kix. Kix agrees to help him as Fives thunders on about clones and the Jedi being in danger. Besides the obvious “Of Course!!!!!!” written obliviously across the screen, this scene raises an interesting question of how much Palpatine in fact revealed to Fives. The risk was as we expected great, but the degree of risk Palpatine took is an intriguing prospect to ponder.

Fives races underground to meet Anakin and Rex, two men who would surely believe him as he’s chased unknowingly by a probe droid. He encases Anakin and Rex in ray shield to protect himself. Fives’ panic is clear as nye explains that the inhibitor chips to kill all the Jedi are in every clone. But as soon as mentions the Chancellor’s involvement in the plot, Fives’s pleas go nowhere. Time and time again, Palpatine has been Anakin’s line that no one is allowed to cross and perhaps understandably so. But the line has been far crossed. Anakin refuses to accept that Palpatine could be wrong but he offers to help Fives get treatment. Fives is baffled that no one believes him. Commander Fox and his garrison arrive at the worst possible moment. Fives picks up Rex’s gun in self-defense and fear of what lay ahead if he was captured. Fox shoots him down. A gorgeous score courtesy of Kevin Kiner billows over the proceedings. This is the main logical flaw in the episode and my major gripe that knocks it down. Why did Fox shoot to kill? Yes, Fives is considered a dangerous fugitive and it makes sense to treat him like a high-profile fugitive, but what happened to stunning? The killing seemed to be an all-too-neat way of wrapping a bloody bow on the whole plot. Alas. Rest in peace, Fives. You got this close to stopping Emperor Palpatine’s plans from coming to fruition.

The entire investigation is wrapped up with Palpatine announcing to the Jedi that it was a water parasite on Ringo Vinda that caused the chips to decay. Vaccinations were prepared for all of the clones. “Each day we grow closer and closer to victory,” he announces quietly with a sinister smile. Meanwhile, the real chips have fallen into Darth Tyranus’s hands. And the Order 66 storyline wraps up in a tragic little bow. This arc was a triumph for the Clone Wars and not just because the animation, voice acting, characterizations, and writing (for the most part) have been stellar. This arc is one of the crucial arcs in the show’s run that really ties the Star Wars saga as a whole together. Bravo.



Title: Orders

Writer: Katie Lucas

Director: Kyle Dunlevy

Chronologically Episode #112

Image Courtesy: Star Wars OS


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