Star Wars: The Clone Wars: 6.09: “The Disappeared: Part II” Review

Part I Was Not a Dream

A Television Review by Akash Singh


The second part of the weird Jar-Jar and Mace Windu went full-on Indiana Jones but for some ridiculous reason was determined to stick Mother Talzin in there. Don’t get me wrong, I love Mother Talzin and it makes sense for her to be trying to rebuild her clan. But here she really just seems to erupt out of nowhere and it’s frankly more startling than anything else.

Her plan in hindsight makes sense, cultivating a place within the cults present on Bardotta to rebuild her clan that was so utterly destroyed by General Grievous and company in Season 4. It’s a logical thread to follow, even though she’s frankly wasted here. Her fight with Mace Windu was a thrilling exposé of animation and technical work even though it unfortunately lasted for just a couple of minutes. But while it lasts, it feels like complete and utter fan service and it was so much fun. And then she sort of disappears into thin air, leaving behind a sort of befuddling aura behind her on screen. It’s a neat idea to pick up on her character after Season 4, but it would have been better to have her reappearance in a different arc with more focus on her and not an ensemble cast with Mace and Jar-Jar.

An okay episode, this episode boasted a cool fight, a good use of Jar-Jar, and amazing visuals (The Clone Wars has always done a bang-up job with lighting in its visuals). And the dialogue was sharp, which can often be a weakness for the show. But frankly these episodes didn’t add much to the Star Wars mythos as a whole and as an arc it stands out in the final season like a sore thumb in that regard.  It did deliver some remarkable work on Jar-Jar and will be remembered as a badass showcase for Mace Windu. It’s still fun, though.



Title: The Disappeared, Part II

Writer: Jonathan W. Rinzler

Director: Bosco Ng

Chronologically Episode #117

Image Courtesy: Star Wars OS


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