Star Wars: The Clone Wars 6.10: “The Lost One” Review

An Old Master

A Television Review by Akash Singh


The final arc of The Clone Wars focuses on Yoda, and rightfully so. Master Yoda has been one of the most emblematic characters of the show and his presence in the final chapters of one of its most incredible chapters is very fitting. The Lost One, however, could just as easily as a standalone episode of the show and a strong one at that. It’s thrilling material and incredibly handled.

This episode begins with a superbly animated sequence of Jedi Master Plo Koon discovering the lightsaber of Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas, a man instrumental in the creation of the clone army to begin with. The sound design and facial animation during the sequence is absolutely stunning. You can feel the excitement from Plo Koon when he holds the lightsaber in his hands. Bringing in Sifo-Dyas is a neat meta story element for the show that ties up a loose end that is so critically crucial to the entire Star Wars saga but was never fully explained for whatever reason. The Lost One functions as a mystery episode largely, trying to uncover the reality of Sifo-Dyas and untangle the mysteries of the beginning of the Clone Wars themselves.

The first half largely follows what happened to Sifo-Dyas. He was sent to Oba Diah to deal with the criminal spice enterprise before he died during a Felucia dispute. Yoda goes to Chancellor Palpatine, who eerily sends him to his predecessor. Chancellor Valorum, in a welcome reappearance, mentions that his aide Silman was sent with Sifo-Dyas to officially represent the office of the Chancellor. Valorum notes that the Jedi Council and most of the government were kept in dark from the real mission so as to prevent bureaucratic interference in what was evidently a delAfter arriving on Felucia, Anakin and Obi-Wan make their way to Oba Diah (a beautiful cloudy world that reminds me of the planet Grievous had built his lair on during Season 1), wanting to see what evidence they could find that would help out the past.

The Pykes as it turns out are fairly intelligent, managing even to double cross Tyranus slightly. They shot down Sido-Dyas’s shuttle as Tyranus had paid them to do, but they kept the aide Silman (whom they had found alive) alive for insurance. And now they were able to cash it in. Unfortunately Silman is a bit, well, unhinged for lack of a better phrase and it’s understandable considering he’s been in solitary confinement near an opium den for years. Silman reveals the true mastermind was someone who wanted to be Sifo-Dyas. Dooku arrives, killing Silman and the three-way battle ensues. Dooku’s identity as Tyranus comes to light before he kills the Pyke leader Minister Lom and escapes aboard his Solar Sailer. The Jedi Council decides to keep the reveal that Dooku was behind the creation of the clone army a secret, even from the Chancellor (cue to an excellent shot of a troubled Anakin). The clones, Master Yoda reasons, have always supported and helped the Jedi and thus the Jedi could not betray the reality of their existence (cue the irony bells). And the only option now left to the Jedi Council is to win the war.

If there was one backtrack to this episode, it really was its running time. There’s a ton of material that gives the episode a propulsive push energy-wise but it seems truncated for time’s sake. Nevertheless, this is a fantastic episode and sadly reminds us that this is the last television beginning for a Clone Wars story arc (at least for now). Tear.

Great Moments Not Mentioned Above:

+The night shot of the Jedi Temple is absolutely gorgeous. I will never stop praising this show for its animation.

+Oppo Rancissis!

+ Brian Kalin O’Connell’s work with direction is remarkable, the shots of Palpatine’s shadow looming over Master Yoda are some of the best and most subtle foreshadowing work this show has ever done

+Sidious reminding Tyranus of his strength by choking him. No mistakes could be allowed at that moment – the Sido-Dyas secret was too great to be opened

+The ambience of the Opium Den

+The editing team did a great job in this episode, cutting right at the end of Anakin’s “We might have a problem here” when they find the crazed Silman to Dooku’s ship appearing in Oba Diah’s atmosphere

+Brian George did a great job as Silman’s voice actor



Title: The Lost One

Writer: Christian Taylor

Director: Brian Kalin O’Connell

Chronologically Episode #118

Image Courtesy: Star Wars OS


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