Star Wars: The Clone Wars 6.12: “Destiny” Review

The Priestesses of Fate

A Television Review by Akash Singh


The third chapter in Yoda’s arc, Destiny marks a scene that can easily belong in some of the Star Wars saga’s most emotionally poignant moments. Yoda meets five priestesses, each an embodiment of a different emotion and voiced brilliantly by the great Jaime King. Yoda must undergo a series of trials to see if he is indeed worthy of learning the craft of communicating through the Force and even the greatest Jedi Master is infallible.

The episode opens with a gorgeous sequence whereupon Yoda gets a nice Luke callback moment when he allows the Force to steer his ship onto the mysterious planet Qui-Gon mentioned. Gorgeous choral and percussive music surrounds the planet as Yoda journeys into the planet’s mysterious depths. “Are you worthy of being taught?” ask one of the Five Priestesses, Force-wielding figures all displaying different emotions and voiced by the incredible Jamie King.

Yoda’s arrogance is confronted through the multiple tests. He first has to battle an evil version of himself, confronting the evil within himself and seeing if he is indeed powerful enough. The next test is a powerful one to overcome, an evocation of Order 66 and Operation Knightfall. Yoda is terrified at finding Mace’s and Petro’s bodies. He finds a dying Ahsoka, terrified of what would happen to her if she did not become a Jedi and a part of the Force. Katooni arrives, leading him to a place of immense bliss. It’s a beautifully harmonic gathering of the Jedi, complete with Count Dooku and all the Jedi who had lost themselves in the war. It’s heartbreaking to see Yoda break from the dream of peace and face the reality of the chaos that truly exists. One of the Priestesses takes off her mask in front of Yoda and there’s nothing of her corporeal body. That is what the Priestesses and Qui-Gon have achieved. Now it is Yoda’s turn but first he must confront his true fears on Moraband as the Priestesses demand, right before the rest of their corporeal bodies vanish as well.

The penultimate episode of The Clone Wars, Destiny did what every great story does. It takes a character we know and love and adds depths of later to him. It’s frankly incredible what these final four episodes do for Yoda’s character and for the entire Star Wars mythology. For any fan, these episodes are a must-see. Bravo.



Title: Destiny

Writer: Christian Taylor

Director: Kyle Dunlevy

Chronologically Episode #120

Image Courtesy: Star Wars OS


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