The Mindy Project 3.01: “We’re A Couple Now, Haters!” Review

Keeping the Rom-Com Alive

A Television Review by Akash Singh


Mindy Kaling revealed that they’re not going to split Mindy and Danny for the sake of ratings and I’m really glad they’re not going down that path. I’ve always despised the “will they, won’t they” push and pull when there are about a million other things such stories can do. The third season premiere is a strong one, even though it still falls trap to the structural flaw of the show that prevents it from addressing each character and storyline with the thematic resolution and or appropriate development as necessary. When the show does that, and there are examples of it below, it’s frustrating because the show has shown that it is capable of extremely intelligent writing. It’s capable of so much more in those subplots that when it opts for the lazy side it’s a bit more than disappointing.

What I really enjoy besides the wondrous one-liners (my favorite, though technically not a one-liner, remains the one from the end of the first season where Mindy goes “You think I’m harassing her? Yeah, and put more cheese on that.), is when the show centers on building up the characters in its central romance. For two seasons we’ve seen that Mindy is largely incapable of keeping things to herself, which leads to plenty of gaffes but the way that is used here, it’s wonderful and an example of when The Mindy Project is on its top. Last season we saw how quickly their initial relationship fell apart, with Danny not being able to come to terms with his own base of feelings. Mindy spreads their relationship loudly because she wants to make sure that this time it is real. No one wants to be fooled by the same individual twice.

The stripper revelation is gold. They had already established his dancing skills last season and I’m not sure if the stripper revelation was invented for this season or has been around for a while but either way it’s a solid character twist that is hilarious as it is understated. Danny has been through some tough love in his life and this being a part of his building himself up from scratch is a serious note of what many individuals (especially with the student loans debacle these days) have to go through. And Danny and Mindy play that revelation quite well. That being said, I wish his secret was a bit more hidden and not obvious enough to find within two minutes.

We’re A Couple Now, Haters! was a fun and solid beginning for the slightly truncated third season (the show deserves more viewers). The Peter-Lauren-Jeremy love triangle is written really well and unlike most love triangles it looks like there will be some payoff down the road that will be earned. The early scene of Danny reciting a prayer and apologizing to God before having sex with Mindy was downright hilarious. It’s so on character but so ridiculous at the same time, the exact juxtaposition where the show flourishes the most. Beverly’s execution line is perfectly hilarious and I wish they would give us just a little bit more of her because she is fantastic.



Title: We’re A Couple Now, Haters!

Written By: Mindy Kaling

Director: Michael Spiller

Image Courtesy: Hitfix


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