The Legend of Korra 4.01: “After All These Years” Review

Things Have Changed

A Television Review by Akash Singh


The Legend of Korra is back for its fourth and final book (which is not enough) much sooner than expected, but considering the quality of the premiere, I can hardly complain. There’s a three-year-gap between Book 3 and Book 4 and our characters certainly have changed. It was an intelligent idea to have the characters remain largely apart so their eventual reunion would be as fresh to them as it would be to the audience. And what a reunion it will be. The best part about the opening to Book 4 truly is how the consequences of Book 3 are so strongly felt, even three years later. Zaheer and his gang were eviscerated, but the Red Lotus still exists and the chaos they left behind reverberates to this day.

Asami is now the leader of Future Industries, firmly entrenched in Republic City. Her company’s trains now connect the Earth Kingdom to Republic City. It’s nice to see Asami settling into the role. Mako has been a bodyguard for there years for the new heir to the Earth Kingdom named Wu, who frankly looks like a goon and seems to have quite the soft spot for Mako. Bolin is with Kuvira, a dicey situation if there ever was one (more on that below). And we don’t even meet Korra until the last two minutes, fighting in an earth-bending ring. She’s weak, torn, depressed, and sporting a new haircut. When will our Avatar return?

The most intriguing aspect of Korra is Kuvira in the premiere. Last seen rescuing Korra’s father at the end of Season 3, it was clear then that she was being set up for a major role in the series’ final outing. I just didn’t imagine that role would be this big. Kuvira has now set out to reunite the Earth Kingdom after the chaos of the Red Lotus had left Ba Sing Se in turmoil and the kingdom itself open to bandits. It seems that she’s a hardass with incredible metal bending skills that’s perhaps a bit more aggressive than she needs to be. But Kuvira is determined to unite the Kingdom at any cost, whether that comes at the cost of murder, extortion, etc. The ends justify the means with Kuvira. She believes that she’s doing the right thing and there’s just the right hint of pride at her success. That her character as works as well as it does is a testament to how well Zelda Williams’s voice resonates with Kuvira. When the Governor of her latest conquest is told that he made the right decision by joining Kuvira, he mutters mournfully “Did I ever really have a choice?” That’s a question our beloved characters will be asking sooner than later.

Great Moments Not Mentioned Above:

+The Air Capital

+Avatar Korra Park

+The Spirit Wilds


+The shot of Opal alone in a sea of Earth Kingdom citizens was a beautiful and stark one.

+Those new Air Nation suits are badass. When’s the next one available for purchase?

+Pie assassination

+Yui being rich in ore



Title: After All These Years

Written By: Joshua Hamilton

Directed By: Colin Heck

Animated By: Studio Mir

Image Courtesy: Braelstrom


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