The Mindy Project 3.04: “I Slipped” Review


A Television Review by Akash Singh


I’m a bit opposite from most critics I’ve seen on the episode, since I found this to be a vast improvement from last week. The jokes landed more solidly, Danny and Mindy were not as off putting as they were last week and Mindy got solid scenes with Peter, which is fantastic since the two have incredibly solid chemistry. The main thematic plot line through the hour is that Danny tried to have anal sex with Mindy because he just wanted to try something different and he assumed that she had done that before. It’s not the strongest idea and arguably it’s the weakest aspect of the episode itself, but Danny trying to find explanation after explanation is sort of hilarious, imbued with the amount of guilt he would have over such an attempt.

That aside, the lines in this episode are absolutely hilarious. Even when the story doesn’t remain at elevated heights, the banter between everyone is great. The opening sequence where it looks like Danny is going to propose but instead offers Mindy apple pie is clever and gold. Mindy’s most prized possession being a signed photo of Kris Jenner is appropriate if a bit awful. Her most prevalent sins being jaywalking and lying under oath are appropriate in their own turn. I’m not sure if Mindy, who is such a strong woman on her own, would use drugs to make Danny happy in the sack. It seems an odd thing for her to do. Mindy Kaling more than handles Mindy on drugs, but the writing there is still weak.

Morgan’s now an official nurse practitioner and the conversation he and Mindy have about preventative medicine before she asks for a drug prescription is hilarious, including how Morgan pronounces et cetera. Peter and the rest of the office have bonded together with #TeamPeter, determined to eschew Jeremy as the office pariah for the Lauren love triangle that ended so abruptly last week. It was a good setup to have the office’s supporting cast be involved in that storyline and then it, like last week, ends abruptly towards the end. What is this with story lines ending so suddenly? Mindy and Peter at least get some solid scenes, such as where he uses a skeleton to show some risqué sexual positions and advises her that Danny didn’t “slip” as he said earlier. The ending scene was solid, and drinking sodas while watching Colbert seems like a perfectly romantic evening.

Great Moments Not Mentioned Above:

+Mindy on applies and apple pies: “How can something so disgusting be turned into something so good?” Touché, Mindy, touché.

+“This is not Benghazi!”

+“They’d promote you to Cardinal?” I felt terrible for laughing at this joke, but I couldn’t help myself.

+“Did you think I wanted to hurt Caleb? I love Caleb!”

+“Are you the Lindsay Lohan?”

+“Bottle of red … ketchup.”

+Me cry now joy!

+“It’s always the ones you trust.”

+“You’re just two basics having a bitchfest.”

+“America was built on trying things.”

+“Weed? Not weed. Gold.”

+“Have I given the impression that I don’t?”

+“God’s obsessed with me.”



Title: I Slipped

Written By: Charlie Grandy

Director: Lynn Shelton

Image Courtesy: EW


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