The Mindy Project 3.08: “Diary of a Mad Indian Woman” Review

Damn it, Beverly!

A Television Review by Akash Singh


“Hi my name is Dr. Lahiri and I am your real teacher. Let me assure you, this will not be one of those situations where I end up learning more from you.”

The Mindy Project returns to form after a slight dip last week. A good portion of that success comes from the medical practice of Schulman & Associates coming back. For a good chunk of time, it had become a bit difficult to believe that anyone working at the practice was actually, well, you know, practicing. Promptly arrives Diary of a Mad Indian Woman, which can simultaneously give us the funniest episode of the season while giving its characters the most professional setting they’ve had in some time. The quips as usual are absolutely hilarious, beginning with Mindy’s opening line about her training for the Olympics in her sleep. They also remain neatly topical, with Mindy comparing Danny to Ray Rice twice in the episode and telling Dr. Fishman that she should watch the show Blackish.

Dr. Fishman forces Mindy to help teach interns, which Mindy resists as fiercely as she possibly could have. Immediately she comes across two interns who could not have been more than polar opposites. T.J. was the top of his class at Harvard and couldn’t be bothered not to answer every single question (I understand completely, T.J.) and Candace, whom Peter doesn’t have a high opinion of, is possible the most timid individual to have ever been placed in a hospital. Mindy, in the most caring role we’ve ever seen her in, attempts to cool down T.J. for the sake of building up Candace’s self-esteem. The script doesn’t go down the obvious route of making Candace a parallel for Mindy, however. I loved how Mindy saw herself in T.J., brilliant and at the top of her world and that’s why she understood the necessity of taking Candace and building her confidence up. A more immature Mindy would have perhaps enjoyed taking Candace down a notch (if that was possible) and putting her down for herself. But this Mindy isn’t like that. She knows T.J.’s got it and that he’ll be fine. But Candace needs a leg up. Simultaneously, she manages to teach T.J. the important lesson of humility, even though as per character Mindy will only remember the good that she does.

For a good second at the end of this episode, it felt like Mindy and Danny were going to break up and I was going to turn into a sad cookie. I hate it when shows pull the break-up thing too many times, stretching it into a constant will they won’t they (I’m looking at you, The Big Bang Theory) and The Mindy Project already did it once. Then, it felt organic. Here, it wouldn’t have and thank goodness they avoided that impulse. Danny is consistently uncomfortable not being in a routine, which includes staying over at Mindy’s place. He ends up fatefully stuck one evening when Mindy has to go teach interns because Dr. Tamara as Dr. Lahiri isn’t passing for truth. As all romantic partners inevitably do, he discovers Mindy’s diary and submits to the urge to read it. He discovers how long Mindy has had thoughts about him and that she wants a proposal by Christmas. Danny is thrown for a tailspin. For a guy who is so entrenched into his routine that the very idea of being somewhere else for an evening is troublesome, marriage is a whole new ballgame. Annette advises him to break up with Mindy but Danny resists. He does leave her apartment for one good second before coming right back in. Our hearts are still in one place and the show’s narrative remains on solid footing. See you next week, folks!

Great Moments Not Mentioned Above:

+“Oh, you hate steam, but you’ll watch a four-hour documentary of Old Faithful?”

+“The woman you made out with wants to see you.” ; “Damn it Beverly!”

+“She wants me to propose by Christmas. That’s not right. It’s too much pressure on the Lord’s birthday.”

+“Enclave of entitlement.”

+“Jeremy’s the answer.”

+“I can’t believe he called me a sexist. Is it possible he said ‘sexy’?”

+“Hey, did this treadmill just ask for my weight? Rude.”

+“No, I won’t do it. When I got my calligrapher’s license, I swore I would only use it for good.”

+“Do you think I would actually sign a petition to raise the minimum wage? What? So Morgan can eat caviar?”

+“She should be the star of her own Disney show.”

+“She’s got the same neck massager as Mom!”

+“She’s agitated and calling it a day work-wise. This is going to happen a lot.”



Title: Diary of a Mad Indian Woman

Written By: Lang Fisher

Directed By: Alex Hardcastle

Image Courtesy: Spoiler TV


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