The Flash 1.12: “Crazy For You” Review

Maybe Not

A Television Review by Akash Singh


The Flash’s latest episode was quite the busy one and while it was solid, it was a little underwhelming. Peek-a-Boo as a villain wasn’t nearly as intimidating as he needed to be to climb over the hurdle his absolutely ridiculous name presented but in all fairness to the character, he was given so little to do that he was never going to leave the impression that he ought to have and frankly the script doesn’t do Shawna Baez any favors, either. So with two sort of neutral threats that really don’t go anywhere, Cisco’s freeing of the Pied Piper turns out to be exactly the type of bad idea one would assume it to be and despite his rather clever backup plan to interfere with Piper’s sonic powers, Piper manages to escape. It’s not exactly the most thrilling way The Flash has handled its villains-of-the-week but preferably next week gets us back on track. At the very least, the show has such a consistent handle on its characters that when the plot slips up, you can’t nearly fault it that much.

Ronnie’s fate is made clearer this episode, even though if you looked up “quantum splicing” on your smartphone frantically before accepting that you need to take another physics course and then paid attention to the rest of the episode, I can’t fault you. As it is, everyone who had the conjuncture that Firestorm was in fact two people can now raise their fist high into the air in triumph. Yes, Ronnie was meshed with Dr. Martin Stein by quantum splicing and that’s where we’re at the moment. It’s meant to be exposition for the sake of clarity, but I can’t help but feel that this episode largely was a clobbering of various plot points that are going to be important later on. It’s an understandable move and certainly The Flash isn’t the only series to do so, but that doesn’t make it any less irritating.

The best part of Crazy For You had nothing to do with nefarious villains, the past, an evil look at Dr. Wells’ apartment or even another visual effects fight with the Flash. It was a drunk karaoke duet between Barry and Caitlyn over “Summer Lovin’” and every single little particle in my mouth turned upwards towards a smile that just kept on becoming larger and larger until it threatened to break my face. There’s certainly deliberate pushing in the romantic direction by the show, going so far as to even have Barry give his phone number to another girl to try and hoodwink the audience. I hope they don’t go in the direction of forcing a romance and this teasing ends where it is right now. Not every male-female relationship needs to end in romantic attachment and this friendship between Barry and Caitlyn is far more emotionally gripping than any romance.

Great Moments Not Mentioned Above:

+The final scene between Henry and Barry was nicely done

+Barry tricking Julian into a longer, harsher sentence

+“Did you sneak a peek at my goods?”

+“Dad, if I was The Flash, don’t you think you’d be the first to know about it?”

+“I’m not much of a singer. And you’re not much of a drinker.”; “We are gonna bring this place down.”

+“My social life consists of running at super human speed and Netflix.”

+“How can you speak six languages and sound like a dick in every one of them?”

*Sorry for the short review – it’s been a long week and this okay episode slipped under my radar.



Title: Crazy for You

Written By: Aaron Helbing & Todd Helbing

Directed By: Rob Hardy

Image Courtesy: Vancouver Film


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