The Mindy Project 3.14: “No More Mr. Noishe Guy” Review

Leaps and Bounds

A Television Review by Akash Singh


Michelle Kwan’s autobiography (which I now want to read) is a centerpiece to the entire affair, her line of life not moving in steps but in giant leaps reinforced throughout the narrative. In all honesty, it sounds like one of those exceedingly superficial lines we’ve all had the misfortune of reading at some point or another from self-help books. But there’s a significant amount of truth to that line when you think about it. Sometimes the most innocuous of things can alter the course of our entire existence. At that moment it may not seem like much, but when we turn back we’re in awe of just how much truly changed from that seemingly insignificant spark. At other moments, there is a realization that whatever is happening is significant and that leap leaves behind an even greater mark. The characters on The Mindy Project have all dealt with moments in their lives that have had the mark of being insignificant and significant while leaving a vastly different path in front of them.

Sometimes all it takes is a phone call from the person who unknowingly became your best friend telling you that you’re pregnant right when you’re considering a career move from one end of the country to the other. Mindy is noticeably shocked, just wallowing in a bit of quiet as she contemplates her entire future that now just added another potential human being into the mix. Despite some snafus with subplots that have been a frequent thorn in the show’s side, I’ve always enjoyed its steadfast commitment to avoiding typical rom-com situations. I was fully prepared to be exasperated by Mindy and Danny breaking up because they can’t commit to a long-distance relationship, but once again Mindy Kaling throws out the typical expectations out of the window. It is extremely refreshing to see that shocking end because there really isn’t a simple out narratively speaking (the titles of the following episodes make that much clearer in retrospect). The bond between Mindy and Danny has, regardless of their future, just become that much stronger and that is a reality the two of them have to confront head-on.

Mindy for the majority of the episode is trying to find a way to discuss what has the potential to be the biggest change of her entire life with Danny. Dr. Gurgle offers her a place for her own practice in San Francisco with her name on the building. A while back perhaps that would have been something crazy, outside of the very realm of thought. But San Francisco is a city that Mindy has grown to love (she even gets Danny to understands its charm). Mindy struggles to think of any decent reason of why she would want to stay in New York and it’s Danny. The opportunity just seems so great that if Mindy at the very least doesn’t give it a shot, she’s going to regret it for the rest of her life. Complicating things, Danny bought a brownstone in Manhattan that has a bigger rat infestation than the sewers but in all retrospect, he can’t rightfully hold her to that without having a conversation. Frankly, it is a valuable conversation to have and one they both have an equal right to. With the news of the pregnancy, it remains to be seen what happens, but I sincerely hope that Mindy doesn’t abandon that opportunity because of this.

Saving the best for last, this was Adam Pally’s farewell to The Mindy Project. Over the past season or so, Dr. Peter Prentice became a valuable addition to the ensemble and not just because of that awesome name. His character provided some of the richest character development this show has ever done and even his departure was handled with wonderful humor, pathos, and wit. Satirizing the “running to catch the girl at an airport before she boards the plane” twist, Peter reaches Lauren and confesses his desire to be with her, even though she is moving to Texas. She gives no direct answer to him even though her feelings are all but apparent. Peter has a choice to make and he makes it. Without any guarantee that Lauren will indeed move in with him and give him the happy ending he wants, he quits Schulman and Associates and decides to move to Texas. “Home is where the person you love is,” he says wisely to Mindy, a perfect encapsulation of how much he has grown. Simon and Garfunkel’s “April Come She Will” plays quietly over the background as Peter leaves for his potential future home. Good-bye for now, Adam Pally. Hope to see you soon (as Uncle Peter, maybe?).

Great Moments Not Mentioned Above:

+“I’ll give you some space.”

+Of course Danny brought Italian sausage from New York with him

+Mindy comparing herself to Olivia Pope

+“I have a balcony… like Saddam.”

+“Topless hugging…bottomless dancing.”

+“It’s like the brothel that Don Draper was raised in.”

+“The pet graveyard, not the haunted kind…”

+Mindy Kaling making meta jokes about the time when someone assumed that she was Malala Yousufzai, with Betty stepping in for that role

+“Your secret’s safe-ish with me.”

+“Who does he think he is? Father? Mother?”

+“Okay, shut up trash.”

+“You only talk ethnic when you’re angry.”

+“You’re kind of a best friend.”



Title: No More Mr. Noishe Guy

Written By: Jeremy Bronson

Directed By: Michael Weaver

Image Courtesy: FOX


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