Gotham 1.18: “Everyone Has A Cobblepot” Review

The Popping Noise

A Television Review by Akash Singh


Gotham continues the winning streak from last week in an episode that largely throws out the show’s tepid obsession with using famous characters from the Batman mythology in place of compelling plot and focuses on its own narrative construction. This week the case hits a little too close to home for comfort as far as Gordon and Bullock are concerned, but their extreme discomfort is a boon for the audience as it occurs for fairly separate reasons. A narcotics dealer and a convicted murderer, Arnold Flass was not only released but he is being reinstated as the Head of Narcotics and if to rub a ridiculous amount of salt into the wound, Commissioner Loeb is putting Flass up to become the president of the police union. There is no way in hell that Gordon is going to stand up for this, but this time he won’t have Bullock on his side. You see, everyone has a cobblepot of their own, a clandestine stash of secrets that can ruin their lives and the commissioner holds the keys to those secrets – including Bullock’s file. Years ago, Bullock had to kill a mob connection and that incident created the leverage that Loeb used to get Flass off the hook.

As if the now-becoming-awesome Jim Gordon is going to take that face down. Oh no, he isn’t! With the help of Harvey Dent (oh the irony), he tracks down Loeb’s bookkeeper Shi Lu, who instead unleashes a hypnotic army of knife-wielding men at them. Bullock saves them, with the only option left being turning to Cobblepot for help. Bullock is as suspicious with the idea of using the Penguin’s help as anyone else would be, but Gordon strikes a deal with the devil so to speak. The sequence where they arrive at the farm managed by Falcone is by far the episode’s best, turning a whimsical comedy into a dark one very quickly before going all right horrifying. Unlike a lot of tonal shifts on Gotham, the ones that have arrived recently have been fairly smooth in their transitioning and what makes the sequence in the farm so great is that there is an inherent germaneness to the entire affair. When Marge pulls out her literal guns, it clicks perfectly within the sequence as an ominous harbinger of what is to come. In the attic lies Loeb’s own cobblepot, his mentally unstable daughter named Miriam.

For a while there had been whispers that Loeb was responsible for the death of his wife, who had died of a fractured neck after she had fallen off of the stairs. As it turns out, it was his sick daughter who suffered from the urges that led to her mother’s demise and Loeb had kept it a secret for so long to ensure that Miriam wouldn’t have to see the inside of an institution like Arkham. It’s his own cobblepot that creates the trickiest situation yet for Loeb and he offers to resign, but Gordon has other plans. Now that he has this information within his grasp, Gordon is instead going to play it dirty and keep with the devil he knows. As far as is he’s concerned, he’d rather be working with a guy whose greatest secret is in his pocket versus working for another guy who’s going to be tougher to crack and certainly more corrupt. In his ballest move yet, Gordon at last breaks from the goody two shoes cop that’s been holding his character back for so long and goes right for the jugular. He maneuvers himself into a position of power, standing triumphantly as Loeb endorses Gordon to become the President of the police union. Watch out, Gotham. There’s a new, full-badass Gordon on the prowl and he isn’t taking any prisoners.

Great/Not So Great Moments Not Mentioned Above:

+Opening shot of Gotham

+“Why would he stab you?”; “That’s a bloody good question.”

+Bruce’s authoritativeness

+“I’m like a phoenix.”

+“I do enjoy when unwavering certainty is undermined by the truth.”

+Bruce suspicious of the Wayne Enterprises board

+Selina for the one-liner wins: “That’s cheerful.”; “Well, that sucks.”

+“I like information.”

+“Family is built on trust an that’s what we are.”

+“Their sacrifice means your survival.”

+“A sign saying ‘Super Secret Blackmail Horde?’”


+“They land on my windowsill and you can catch them if you’re really silent and really still.”

+“He looks just like a bird.”

+“You’re much colder than I thought”.; “So it seems.”

+“Life can be cruel sometimes.”

+“Oh, there’s no train. I was down to one shell.” That was cold, Cobblepot. And I loved it.

+Fish Mooney is on a literal island with a new blue eye

-Dent’s age continues to bother me



Title: Everyone Has A Cobblepot

Written By: Megan Mostyn-Brown

Directed By: Bill Eagles

Image Courtesy: People


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