The Mindy Project 3.20: “What to Expect When You’re Expanding” Review

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A Television Review by Akash Singh


The penultimate episode of The Mindy Project’s third season was a solid outing buoyed by a strong central message that may very well be one of the most solid ones the show has ever portrayed. Dr. Mindy Lahiri, for all of her accomplishments, is quite self-conscious about the way she looks. It’s an insecurity that a lot of us feel on a regular basis and that connection helped make her instantly relatable. The world we inhabit certainly doesn’t make experiencing that self-consciousness any easier. No matter where you are at whatever time, there is a constant bombardment about the way you ought to look that goes beyond any realm of reason. It’s one thing to be presented with ideas on how to keep yourself healthy and fit – it’s another to be told how you must look in order to feel good about yourself to any extent. In today’s world, there is the typical idea of what “perfection” means and unless you can prescribe yourself to that, the notions that you’re not worthy are overwhelming.

The notion often presented to women, and especially in Hollywood, is that the ideal leading lady is white, thin, and tall. Mindy isn’t any of those things, but does it ultimately really matter? She’s smart, accomplished, and has a bravado about her that most of us would kill for. She knows that and understands it, but as the initial shocks of the pregnancy began to wear off, the worry about what it would do to her physically began to wear in. Suddenly the magnificent dresses she wears every week don’t seem to be enough and Danny’s assertions that she’s going to feel fine after she loses ten or so pounds is simply adding insult to injury, no matter from how well-meaning of a place it comes from. The fear of what her pregnancy would do to the way she looks isn’t some shallow awakening that comes out of nowhere, it’s a systemic fear that’s entrenched itself into Mindy from when she was fifteen years old and told herself for the first time that she’d feel better if she lost some weight. She never felt better and what was the guarantee that she was going to feel better this time around?

It was a great little touch that Morgan gained sympathy weight with Mindy, in what is a clear marker of how close the two have become. But as a result, Jessica’s finding him less and less attractive, which is quite rich on her part considering that she is an obsessive hoarder. That irony isn’t lost in Mindy and she hilariously begins to throw out Jessica’s useless possessions out of the window, defending her friend from someone who clearly isn’t worthy of going out with him. And then this gem arrives in righteous fury:

“We cannot let the Dannys and Jessicas of the world make us feel less than. You know what, Jessica? Morgan’s not perfect and he might never be perfect. But he’s a good guy, he’s a caring guy. He’s healthy, and… he’s beautiful and he’s strong, even if he himself can’t see it right now.”

Then Mindy realizes that her thunderous manifesto not just applies to Morgan, but it applies to her as well. Even Danny understands through the combined efforts of everyone else how boneheaded he was being about Mindy’s state and how she was nevertheless trying to be sexy for him. It shouldn’t matter to anyone, he concludes as if a light bulb went above his head, how Mindy looks. What made her so attractive in the first place was her bravado, her sheer confidence in who she was and how much she believed in herself. It isn’t who we are and certainly not what we may appear to be (which is all subjective to begin with). It’s what we do that ultimately really matters.

Great Moments Not Mentioned Above:

+Mindy bought one of President George W. Bush’s paintings

+Lauren and Peter marrying

+“Is inhumane but profitable…”

+“After watched Schindler’s List, you were really in the mood.”

+“Are you trying to out-single white female me?”

+Rishi’s new single is called “Ho, It Ain’t Mine”

+“Hello”; “Hell, no.” You rock, Tamara


+The skinny dress

+Laverne Cox had a great guest starring spot as Sheena. That sass was on the spot.

+“I don’t feel confident anymore.”

+“Tough love, King’s Speech!” Cristin Milloti is great.

+“I am trying to be sexy for you but you’re laughing at me”

+“Eventually, you’re going to lose the weight and you’ll feel great.”

+“It’s sexist!” Tamara, you just got your best episode yet.

+“You have been getting a little heavier…”

+“You have some nerve!”

+“I am the highest female earner on Wall Street, non-Jewish.”

+“How dare you laugh at your beautiful, pregnant girlfriend? You should be worshipping the ground her swollen feet stomp on.”

+“She made Chris Christie cry at the parade.”

+“But the most beautiful thing about you is your heart.”

+“You don’t look so good.”

+Mindy’s revenge

+“A real man makes his woman feel beautiful.”



*Thank you for patience, dear readers. I’ll be back to scheduled reviews from this Sunday on until further notice.

Title: What to Expect When You’re Expanding

Written By: Tracey Wigfield & Lang Fisher


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