Star Wars Rebels 2.08: “Blood Sisters” Review

Bounty Hunters?

A Television Review by Akash Singh


Blood Sisters is an incredibly awkward episode from the onset. Last week gave Hera an episode of her own and while it had its own shortcomings, seeing Hera in that B-fighter gave me the greatest sense of emotional connection yet to the character. Rebels needs some deep character development for its characters to truly matter going forward and that was a good step forward. This week was a similar attempt but the results were far more catastrophic. Rebels is struggling severely with moving its plot forward in accompaniment with character development, but this week was an exercise in accomplishing neither. From the very first frame to the last, it was a pitch perfect depiction of achieving the very middle of the road, with minimal effort seemingly required at every juncture. The writing was sloppy, the character effort was negligible, and it was simply a dull effort that spent about twenty minutes to give two pieces of vital and relevant information.

Sabine was a bounty hunter that escaped the Imperial Academy, which isn’t that surprising when you actually think about it. The Imperial Academy part of Sabine’s life was already established and this episode had all the leeway to go as in depth as possible into that very existence and it simply doesn’t bother to do so. It may very well come into play in the future, but right now it simply feels like a nugget of information that could have been used in a far more dramatically impactful circumstance. The episode’s beginning was a clear indication of the troubling roads this episode was going down. Ezra, who had progressed somewhat as a character, regresses about tenfold, bugging Sabine constantly about how she was a loner. That is a character trait of Sabine’s, but it does not become a defining one. As it is, Sabine has taken on a much more active role this season within the team so where this “loner” rhetoric is coming from, I’m sort of at a loss to explain. It’s simply lazy writing to grasp a singular term and craft it as if it the key to an entire individual.

The key figure from Sabine’s past teased in that magnificent trailer turns out to be Ketsu Onyo, a bounty hunter who used to have a sister-like relationship with Sabine when the two of them were in the Imperial Academy. She at some point had left Sabine for dead, which to any reasonable person is a pretty surefire break to any sort of positive relationship whatsoever. And then she joined the Black Sun crime syndicate (last seen in the Clone Wars Darth Maul/Mandalore arc), a dream that she and Sabine shared as better dreams were seemingly hard to come by. Then all of a sudden there’s an Imperial ship and the two enemies become friends because “I guess there’s no other choice.” The sudden reconciliation was so unearned that at first it felt like it might be a parody or a twist that would be a clever subversion of that general narrative cliché, but no, Ketsu even considers joining the Rebellion. I could say something about the ease with which the stormtroopers were defeated, but I’m not sure I cared much at that point.

Great/Not So Great Moments Not Mentioned Above:

+“It’s a long way to Alderaan.”

+“You were a bounty hunter? That explains a lot.”

+“I work for the Black Sun now.”

+Even if they need to work out plenty of other things, the show is at least using Chopper properly

+R2-D2 on Alderaan was a great touch

-“I’ve changed more than you realize.” Really? Really?



Episode Title: Blood Sisters

Written by: Kevin Hopps

Directed by: Bosco Ng

Image Courtesy: Comic Book


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