Fall/Winter 2016 Schedule

This summer has been dominated by affairs of exams, so here are all of the expectations for September to the end of this year. The list is amenable to being amended (especially with film and independent releases in time for Oscar(R) season), so keep checking back to see all of the reviews in store!


The Affair (11/20)

Sunday Evenings

Doctor Who (Christmas Special) (TBA)


The Man in the High Castle (12/16)

One episode per evening

Marvel’s Luke Cage (9/28)

Biweekly Monday Evenings

Star Wars: Rebels (9/24)

Saturday Evenings

Westworld (10/2)

Sunday Evenings


  • Doctor Who will report back in 2017 for a full series 10
  • Homeland will arrive in January of 2017
  • Marvel’s Jessica Jones will arrive in 2018
  • Reign has been delayed until sometime in 2017 for production reasons
  • Sherlock Season 4 will arrive in January 2017


The Light Between Oceans (9/2)

Snowden (9/16)

Queen of Katwe (9/23)

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (9/30)

The Girl on the Train (10/7)

Inferno (10/28)

Fantastics Beasts and Where to Find Them (11/18)

Manchester by the Sea (11/18)

Moana (11/23)

Miss Sloane (12/9)

Rogue One (12/16)

Assassin’s Creed (12/21)

Passengers (12/21)

The Space Between Us (12/21)

Rams (Hrútar)

Birth of a Nation

Image Courtesy: Esquire


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