Star Wars Rebels 3.09: “The Wynkahthu Job” Review


A Television Review by Akash Singh


After the slight improvement last week, Rebels once more delivers an episode that is illogical, contrived, and makes no sense in terms of character progression. “The Wynkahthu Job,” titled after the planet where there is rumored to be a wholesale cargo of Imperial weapons left abandoned, is an episode that in and of itself would have been better off if it had been abandoned on the script floor. There’s nothing in this episode that remotely adds to the Rebels canon or mythos, at least nothing that couldn’t have occurred offscreen and or been covered in a couple lines of dialogue. It is understandable that in a season of twenty-two episodes there will be filler installments that don’t advance the plot of the overarching season by a considerable margin or any margin at all. But that doesn’t mean that the episodes themselves have to feel as if they were nothing but a complete waste of time and resources to boot. Filler episodes, if done well, offer the unique opportunity to deepen the characters and the universe in which a story takes place. Future plot and character developments can thusly be enriched by these episodes and if done well, the label “filler” really doesn’t have to apply in hindsight. “The Wynkahthu Job” does nothing of the sort.

The plot point of the rebels using weapons and or additional ships is one that has become, for better and for worse, the dominant plot motif of the series. It’s a logical one as I’ve noted before, because it constantly does underscore how deeply the rebels are at a disadvantage here compared to the Empire. Hondo, in spite of outstaying his welcome in the episode, makes a good point that the Empire is not as desperate as they are. They don’t care if they have to abandon a ship full of weapons because there’s plenty of slave labor to just build more. That hubris will become a critical fixture in the Empire’s downfall before the First Order rises from its ashes. Hera, with an understandable reluctance, agrees with Hondo’s perspective and puts a plan into motion to retrieve the cargo, a plan that she wisely puts Zeb in charge of because Ezra simply can’t be trusted when Hondo is around. This unfortunately does force the audience to wonder why in the galaxy Ezra was put in a lead position two episodes ago.

Ezra is the bane of this episode’s existence. His behavior, which steadily grew darker until it suddenly didn’t, is erratic and all over the place here. It doesn’t make much sense why he would trust Hondo to the degree that he does, even if their previous encounters have proven to be beneficial to the Ghost crew in some regard or another. There is simply a difference between trusting someone and agreeing that deals struck with that individual have proven in some capacity to be useful. Why he would then take individuals trying to teach him that and use it as a sort of charge to be an utter ass to Zeb simply goes away unexplained, as if his behavior was in any worth condoning or at the very least not worthy of a stern talking-to. It’s one thing to do a callback to how Zeb and Ezra snipe at one another, but it is another thing to take that sniping and dial it up to the point where Ezra should have been banned from several more leadership positions in the future. A salute only served to underscore that this episode simply didn’t have any clue as to what it was trying to do or what it was trying to achieve.

Great/Not So Great Moments Not Mentioned Above:

-Azmorigan doesn’t need to show up ever again. Period.

-The sentry droid waking up was convenient



Episode Title: The Wynkahthu Job

Written by: Gary Whitta

Directed by: Mel Zwyer

Image Courtesy: Comic Book


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