Season One

1.22: All Happy Families Are Alike

1.21: The Anvil or the Hammer

1.20: Under the Knife

1.19: Beasts of Prey

1.18: Everyone Has a Cobblepot

1.17: Red Hood

1.16: The Blind Fortune Teller

1.15: The Scarecrow

1.14: The Fearsome Dr. Crane

1.13: Welcome Back, Jim Gordon

1.12: What The Little Bird Told Him

1.11: Rogues’ Gallery

1.10: Lovecraft

1.09: Harvey Dent

1.08: The Mask

1.07: Penguin’s Umbrella

1.06: Spirit of the Goat

1.05: The Viper

1.04: Arkham

1.03: The Balloonman

1.02: Selina Kyle

1.01: Pilot (Gotham)

Image Courtesy: Collider

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