The Mindy Project

Season Four

4.13: When Mindy Met Danny

4.11-4.12: The Lahiris and the Castellanos/The Parent Trap

4.08-4.10: Later, Baby/Jody Kimball-Kinney is My Husband/The Departed

4.05-4.07: Stay at Home MILF/Road Trip/Mindy and Nanny

4.04: The Bitch Is Back

4.03: Leo Castellano Is My Son

4.02: C Is for Coward

4.01: While I Was Sleeping

Season Three

3.21: Best Man

3.20: What to Expect When You’re Expanding

3.19: Confessions of a Catho-holic

3.18: Fertility Bites

3.17: Danny Castellano Is My Nutritionist

3.16: Lahiri Family Values

3.15: Dinner at the Castellanos

3.14: No More Mr. Noishe Guy

3.13: San Francisco Bae

3.12: Stanford

3.11: Christmas

3.10: What About Peter?

3.09: How to Lose a Mom in Ten Days

3.08: Diary of a Mad Indian Woman

3.07: We Need to Talk About Annette

3.06: Caramel Princess Time

3.05: The Devil Wears Lands’ End

3.04: I Slipped

3.03: Crimes & Misdemeanors & Ex-BFs

3.02: Annette Castellano Is My Nemesis

3.01: We’re A Couple Now, Haters!

Image Courtesy: Bee TV

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