Season Two

2.13: A Dragonfly in Amber

2.12: The Hail Mary

2.11: Vengeance Is Mine

2.10: Prestonpans

2.09: Je Suis Prest

2.08: The Fox’s Lair

2.07: Faith

2.06: Best Laid Schemes…

2.05: Untimely Resurrection

2.04: La Dame Blanche

2.03: Useful Occupations and Deceptions

2.02: Not in Scotland Anymore

2.01: Through a Glass, Darkly

Season One

1.16: To Ransom a Man’s Soul

1.15: Wentworth Prison

1.14: The Search

1.13: The Watch

1.12: Lallybroch

1.11: The Devil’s Mark

1.10: By the Pricking of My Thumb

1.09: The Reckoning

1.08: Both Sides Now

1.07: The Wedding

1.06: The Garrison Commander

1.05: Rent

1.04: The Gathering

1.03: The Way Out

1.02: Castle Leoch

1.01: Sassenach

Image Courtest: MovieFone

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